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Business meetingRISE NOW offers dedicated specialists who can manage all or part of the Human Resource Process and beyond, across all industries, depending on your requirements.

What makes us different?

We work hard to get it right the first time, going out of our way to assist you in Leading, Developing, Attracting, Engaging, Transforming and Reinventing  the workforce. We make sure that you receive the best professionals from which to choose.

Our team of experienced professionals has lived and worked in the Middle East & Asia, handling key decision-making positions.


We advise our clients on proven innovative strategic solutions and help them mitigate the risks associated with change and performance management.

Our in-depth understanding of leadership competencies and specific industries, enables us to identify individuals who possess the right leadership skills and industry and role-specific expertise.

We take extra care to ensure the entire process is as smooth as possible.


Global Human Capital Trends 2015 Interactive Dashboard

The just-released Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report makes the case for a new HR playbook — one that taps HR to be more agile, forward thinking, and bolder in its solutions. The report involved surveys and interviews with more than 3,300 business and HR leaders from 106 countries.

This interactive dashboard reveals the results of the annual Global Human Capital Trends survey of more than 3,300 business and HR leaders from 106 countries – one of the largest human capital surveys of its kind. We encourage you to interact with the survey results to understand the importance and readiness of each trend, explore how your organization relates to the findings.

Job design and position descriptions

RISE NOW will consult with you to provide advice or develop effective job design techniques and position descriptions aimed at motivating employees to achieve high levels of performance. Successful job design includes analysing context, work flows, accountabilities and working relationship.

Recruitment, on-boarding and retention

RISE NOW will consult with you to provide advice on recruiting, selecting, on-boarding and retaining employees or design any components of the process according to your business requirements. An effectively designed recruitment process creates a positive image of the business for prospective job candidates and makes employing and engaging new people less complicated.

Other services

  • Training and development
  • Organisation design
  • Leadership, coaching and mentoring
  • Rehabilitation and return to work
  • Professional advice
  • Career counselling
  • HR evaluation and audit
  • Employment Relations advice
  • Tailored retention strategies
  • HR and safety management system
  • Work and life balance program

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If you want practical advice on any aspect of employment or strategies to build a motivated workforce our experienced consultants can help you.