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Growing Empowerpreneurs!

RISE NOW is an HR strategy solutions business, enthusiastic about partnering with clients to build strategies for their business and assist talented professionals to make the right career moves. We aim to be Recruitment and HR Consultancy associates to a wide scale of organisations – from leading corporate multinationals through to innovative small-scale startups.

We are a bunch of people who are enthusiastic and excited about the future of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Winning the right to host EXPO 2020 in Dubai is a major factor which we believe will be a catalyst for economic resurgence.

Our Visionblack-businessman-shaking-handsats-clients-and-partners-contract-vehicles-3iqchifg

  • to identify innovative talent and excellence in individuals
  • offer them a platform to unlock their potential
  • assist their growth.

Our Mission

  • to be the leading contributor in Human Capital Management
  • by investing in exceptional talents
  • and assisting companies to build a stable and motivated workforce.

We aim to achieve this by providing an honest and responsive service that delivers real value. We work hard to save time and resources and place great importance on building trusted relationships. We also try to make the challenging process of recruiting staff as trouble free as possible.

Meet the Team

Deepu Thomas : Chief Enthusiast

Deepu Thomas

Chief Enthusiast

Deepu Thomas is the Founder and Chief Enthusiast at RISE NOW and has extensive human resource experience in both large and small companies in Singapore, UAE and India. With more than 6 years’ experience in the UAE, Deepu has a deep understanding of the dynamics of the business environment and a realistic view of the current market.

He wishes to use his expertise to source experienced candidates relevant to the business and cultural environment in the region. As a consultant Deepu believes in analyzing the needs and requirements of the client and provides tailor-made support accordingly.

Deepu has a degree in Business Administration, and is a Certified Safety Advisor and a Registered Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator with QCOMP Australia.

Chris Tankey : Associate

Chris Tankey


As the Director of Management Development for DP World, Chris travelled extensively, working with leading learning institutions such as Babson College in the US and Oxford University in the UK to develop and deliver business improvement, management and leadership training. He has coached leaders at all levels from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Trained as a lawyer with an MBA and a Diploma in Training and Assessment, Chris is accredited to facilitate a range of personality assessment tools and knows how to make them relevant to personal development and giving managers insights about how to get the best from their people.

He has deep knowledge of organizational culture and its impact on performance and in managing its change. He also has significant experience in process management and improvement using a wide range of tools.

Lyn Tankey : Associate

Lyn Tankey


Lyn has worked in senior line management and HR roles in the UAE and Australia and has undertaken HR assignments in London, Moscow and Washington.

Lyn specializes in achieving strategic alignment of the organization’s resources with its goals and ambitions including organization and job design, attraction and retention strategies, policy development, performance management, training, coaching and supporting line management.

Having worked in large and small organizations, both public and private industries as diverse as manufacturing, property and investment, mining and minerals processing, utilities and agriculture, Lyn is able to help managers with day to day problem solving as well as long term workforce strategies.

Lyn is experienced in general risk management, workplace safety and change management. She has developed and run programs to improve communication, team dynamics, and individual and team performance.

You : Team Member


Team Member

If you are passionate about growth and leaving a legacy behind as an influencer, join our team! We need talents who are good with people and sales skills. At RISE NOW we believe it's all about people, and we are here to provide a platform for them to perform and grow. If you want to know more, contact us and we will be in touch with you.

We would love to work with you

One of the most critical aspects of developing any business is hiring the right people for key decision-making roles. So if you’re interested in working with a partner that takes a smarter approach to staffing and resource development: